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Packaging Innovation

Innovation of Nipple with Cap

This new patented product not only meets baby’s psychological needs, but also solves problems in traditional children’s beverages that drinking with straws may harm children’s oral cavity. The peelable sealing lids are made of food grade aluminum foil. The bottle cap and bottle body are integrated, both of which will neither deform nor generate toxins at high temperature. The nipple is made of highly transparent food grade liquid silicone rubber, which can relieve children of unease and bring them delight.

Innovation of Bottle Shape

The 100g milk bottle is cute and convenient for children to hold. Its shape resembles a cube with a ball atop, which makes its transportation, labeling, and packaging highly demanding. This innovation came from three factories’ cooperation and three-month efforts.

Innovation of Bottle Label

The new bottle label is a perfect combination which integrates body label and the label on top together. It will be much easier to be torn. Occasions such as no label on top will also be avoided.  

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