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Brand promotion

Hubei Kuwo Dairy Co., Ltdholds professional insights into children diary industry and has focused on baby drinks for more than ten years. With popularity enhancing day by day, our company attracts enormous high-qualified, professional and experienced talents to gather and pool their wisdom to developthe platform. Among administration staff and market staff, more than 90%are above bachelor degree. Following international standards, Kuwo Dairy has established strict quality management system. We have invested enormously to introduce world-class automation facilities and devicesand built cutting-edge green factory. The high standards of production environment and office environment ensure high quality of our products. By now, KuwoDairy achieved a main operating turnover of 3,000,000,000 RMB.

 Kuwo Dairy focuses on optimizing our productand developing our brand. We offer innovative and unique product packaging design that attracts clients’ eyes and meets their consumption demands. In particular, we create an epoch-making baby product in China whicheliminates the potential safety hazard and solves children’s Oedipus complex. Along with the collaboration of traditional media and new media, the combination online consumers’ experience and offline consumers’ experience, and the cooperation and exhibition ofupmarket stores, we have implemented an all-around and multi-dimensionalbrand-building mode.

With the development ofbusiness management, Kuwo Dairy administrates intelligently in a scientific, strict and service manner.


Brand culture

“Eternal love, easy life” is at the core of Kuwo culture and value. Primarily, Kuwo Dairy focused on the field of children, pursuing high quality and perfect product.

Kuwo Dairy is keenly observing dairy drinks market in the perspective of mothers. We find that with the development and expansion of market, various children-aimed products of different level hit the market, making mothers hesitate to make a decision. Kuwo Dairy targets on these special consumers, hoping to save these shilly-shally mothers. Our products are innovative, safe and sweet, combing science and wisdom. We select high-end sources to blend selfless maternallove intosmall life details. 

Kuwo Dairy is spreading love and inspiring intelligence to children. We accompany every child to have a healthy, beloved and happy childhood. Besides, we shoulder the responsibility of children growth, and build a bridge that links children and mothers. With Kuwo, mothers would never hesitate.

Every mother wishes her baby a healthy and happy life, which is the simplest maternal love. With maternal love as its core, Kuwo Dairy produces scientific and safe children-aimed products. With maternal love as its core, Kuwo Dairy makes family happinessa simpler thing.


Brand promotion

Kuwo Dairy centers on its core value of “eternal love, easy life”, building VI system and brand image that meets the favours of targeted consumers. We strengthen the influence of Kuwo’s cartoon image, spread Kuwo’s core value and enhance the interaction with consumers by promoting packaging designs, releasing TV commercials as well as outdoor advertisements, and launching public-service activities. We increase our popularity by using traditional and new media as well asonline and offline promotion.


Kuwo · Mascot


  •         2017年,酷我vwin德赢下载地址拥有了一个可爱、萌酷的家人。酷我家人爱护它,孩子们追逐喜爱它,视作为亲密的陪伴。它不仅是酷我的家人,也是酷我的德赢ac米兰官方合作伙伴形象,更是孩子们的玩伴。

    In 2017, a cute and cool child joined Kuwo family. We care it; children love it and treasure it as a close friend. It is our family member, our brand image, as well as a friend of children.


    Taking love as its core, Kuwo Dairy melts endlessmaternal love into this cute mascot. It is designed as a cute baby with large eyes and a happy and cute face, which made the brand personality more distinctive. With seven different poses, the mascot looks likea cute and lively child, reflecting the vitality of our products.


    The mascot’s main colour is white which isin accordance with the colour of dairy drinks. At the same time, it has a pair of horns which look like green sprouts after rain, implying that every child will grow as strong as a cute fawn. It will convince mothers of the quality of Kuwo Dairy.


    Moreover, the mascot wears a pair of future smart glasses. The future belongs to science and technology and the future belongs to children. The combination of cool smart glasses and the future as well as the combination of Ku and Wo, reflect the fact that Kuwo Dairy is guided by the philosophy of using new technology to produce drinks in a stricter way.


    The mascot’s big head and the pink blushes on its face endow cuteness into its image, making children love it more. Its hair-design originates from the traditional Chinese hair-style of 3-9 year olds children, which is like a drop of pure water. In terms of this, it combines traditional ideas and beauty and reflects our meticulous care to children’s growth.


    The love heart on the mascot’s chest reminds every customer of our care and love for children’s growth, embodying our philosophy that “treasure children, care product”. Only with this spirit can we make high-quality products and eliminate mothers’ concerns. Kuwo Dairy wants to accompany every baby, helping them grow happily and healthily.


    Love is the soul of Kuwo Dairy. The mascot melts the eternal care of mothers and the endless efforts of Kuwo Dairy. The mascot’s overall image is extremely cute, efficiently combining company philosophy with consumer demands and social care. It explains a beautiful sentence to us “with you every minute, we would use heart to write our love to thee”, which is also the wish of Kuwo Dairy.

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